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Dakka Plaza

Dakka Plaza, the unique commercial and entertainment project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is located in the Al Awali district of Mecca. It stands as the perfect destination for shoppers and visitors seeking a distinctive experience that combines comfort and entertainment. Supervised by a team of top engineers and designers, Dakka Plaza aims to be a symbol of elegance and modernity in Mecca. The project blends luxury and comfort, offering a diverse range of services and amenities to meet all visitor needs, from upscale shopping to premium entertainment. Dakka Plaza is not just a shopping mall; it is an integrated destination that combines luxury, comfort, and entertainment. We invite you to discover this unique landmark and enjoy an unparalleled experience in the heart of Mecca. .
Project type
entertainment commercial project.
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Makkah Al Mukarramah - Al-Awali District
Land area
18,888 square meters
Building area
16,931 square meters
Number of parking spaces
356 cars available
Number of Floors
4 Floors

Not just shopping

It is not just a mall in the traditional sense, but everything that has been done in it has been studied very carefully, as each category of shops is in its correct location.
Vertical expansion will make you feel all new in a different and unique world, from elegance to international brands, all in one place that expands in a large way, where ease of movement and spaciousness in the design that we relied on achieving for visitors to achieve the concept that innovation is our main feature.

Components of the project

The large area of ​​the project, which is estimated at 18,888 square meters, had to be used in a unique and distinctive way, so we carried out many studies to determine the most appropriate design that is in line with the project site and to exploit all these spaces, not only that, but also providing innovative solutions that are unique to us. The project consists of several floors, starting with a position that expands horizontally and vertically in a modern way, then the main corridors for easy access to the different floors, where the elevators were placed in carefully studied places to achieve the desired with the utmost comfort.

Importance/ Always be close

The project is distinguished by its distinguished and central location, where it is less than 10 minutes away from the Grand Holy Mosque, a distance of 14 km, and 3.8 km from Umm Al-Qura University. There must be a different mall of its kind presented in a new and innovative way in order to comply with its location in the purest parts of the earth and in line with our society. This was the main principle that we kept in mind.

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