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تواصل معنا


ص-ب 8656-24372- مكة المكرمة 24372-8656 المملكة العربية السعودية




البريد الالكتروني


About us

Al–Ittihad & Takaful Investment Group Co. Ltd. is a Saudi company working, in particular, in the field of real estate development in the light of advancements in the real estate sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company is striving to develop new construction firms to keep up with such development and provide real value for everyone specially, the pilgrims and Umrah performers.


As it has become a famous name in the development of complete modern constructional sites, as a combined investor and a real estate development company, the group has purchased and developed construction sites in strategic locations near the sacred sites at Makkah. The company includes a large group of housing and trading projects; a sizeable group of sites dedicated to the development of real estate at Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.


Our Vision

Our Vision

To be the best real estate company at Saudi Arabia by developing new construction sites, keeping up with real estate growth and supporting the development process specially at Makah, in addition to the provision of real values for the pilgrims and Umrah performers.


Our Mission

Our Mission
Striving for creativity and innovation regarding our services and projects, so as to provide the best for our customers and partners in terms of success and the achievement of the highest international quality by meeting their requirements and expectations. 

Company Activities

Real Estate Development

Real Estate Marketing

Studies for Real Estate Market

Administrative Structure

Abdul Rahman bin Khalid bin Mohammed Alsaqri


عبدالرحمن بن خالد بن محمد السعود

عضو مجلس إدارة

Ahmed bin Khalid bin Mohammed Alsaud

Deputy Chairman of Board

Our Statistics

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