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تواصل معنا


ص-ب 8656-24372- مكة المكرمة 24372-8656 المملكة العربية السعودية




البريد الالكتروني


Al-Awali Villa 3

Establishment of a villa on an area of ​​2200 m out of the total area of ​​the project 3700 m² and this area is divided into flats and a residential building (Villa) consisting of a basement + ground floor + first floor + dormitories and diwaniyas + 20 internal rooms and two Mitsubishi elevators.
Land area
2200 square meters
Makkah, Awali
Building surfaces
3700 square meters
Number of rooms
20 Rooms

How did we work?? Great creativity begins

With the beginning of the implementation of this project, we were facing the creation of a new dream and a new challenge to implement one of our best designs. The golden color that gives the character of the luster of history and by moving to the interior design is inspired by the classic French character from the type of walls to the floors used to the suspended ceilings, taking into account the presence of 20 rooms, each of them executed in a different way to give in the end this building with this beauty.

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