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Al-Masa Villas

At Al Masa Villas, we have focused on every little detail to reflect both modernity and Arabian authenticity simultaneously. The development features five villas, each built with one of three distinct architectural models that combine modernity with elegance, ensuring complete privacy and comfort. Each villa is equipped with the latest technologies and luxurious amenities that guarantee you a refined and comfortable lifestyle.
Makkah-Al Awali
Land area
1,551 m²
Building Surfaces area
2,031.95 m²
Number of Villas
Number of Models

Modern Luxury Meets Arabian Authenticity at Al Masa Villas

At Al Masa Villas, every detail is crafted to reflect a harmonious blend of modernity and Arabian authenticity. This image showcases the sophisticated elegance of our interiors, where contemporary design meets luxurious comfort. Our villas, built with three distinct architectural models, ensure a seamless fusion of style and functionality. With cutting-edge technology and premium amenities, Al Masa Villas promises a refined and exceptional living experience.

A Symphony of Modern Elegance and Natural Serenity at Al Masa Villas

At Al Masa Villas, our interiors epitomize the perfect balance between contemporary elegance and natural serenity. This image highlights our sophisticated living spaces, where luxurious furnishings and lush greenery accentuate modern design. The open layout, innovative lighting, and high-end finishes create a serene and inviting atmosphere. Each villa is meticulously crafted to offer a tranquil retreat, ensuring unparalleled comfort and a refined lifestyle.

Luxurious Harmony: A Contemporary Masterpiece of Elegance

This image showcases a luxurious, modern living space embodying sophistication and elegance. The coffered ceiling, recessed lighting, and a striking chandelier highlight the room’s luxury. Plush, olive-green sofas with accent pillows create a comfortable seating area around marble-topped coffee tables. Large windows with sheer curtains and strategically placed plants enhance natural light and freshness. Polished marble flooring and a textured area rug complete the cohesive, inviting design. This space reflects the developer’s vision of blending contemporary style with timeless luxury.

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