Sidqi Project 2
Sidqi Project 2
Project Description
750 meters The total area
Sedky Aziziyah Street – the main street + both sides of the street on the north side Location
Tank + Basement + Ground Floor + mezzanine + +120 recurring role + services – was the work of the foundations for Bhh height 180 cm bore 12 role project details
144 rooms Number of Rooms
696 pilgrims The number of pilgrims
4 lifts Mitsubishi Lifts
Finished Rooms: All bishop of rooms and bathrooms and roads Gypsum on great form

Paints: at the highest level

Doors: Bin Laden manufacturer of wood with a crust imported high-level locks Eart and Handles doors very luxurious crews Health: chairs and washbasins and Ideal Astendr cabins glass and mixers of gold buried very luxurious and heaters Faure Turkish

Bathroom walls: it was the work of all the walls and floor of the bathrooms of the Ceramic 30 * 60 first toast

Arcade: Marble slabs outsize 120 * 120 cm granite flooring 60 * 90 cm

Interfaces: Interface president and side Granite Saudi Bianco and glass Astrkosher and the rest of the interfaces and Jrafiato.

Entrances: slabs of marble and graphics NES and sizes 120 * 120 cm Marble and Onyx

Water tank: flat 600 meters flat accommodate around 83 large water replies

Electricity system there is a big station (1000 KP)

Safety systems are available, all with a pump and generator backup and fans that suction and fire doors and sprinklers and fire extinguishers boxes and predatory glass bell warning and emergency headlamp system and other reputations

Cameras were installed cameras the whole system fell hotel and full system control online system has been installed throughout the hotel

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