Sidqi Project 1
مشروع صدقي 1
Project Description
1400 Square Meters Area
267 Room  The number of rooms
21 role Number of floors
air conditioners Gen Japanese industry type all Konceld entrance and central
finishing rooms All ceilings of rooms and bathrooms and roads Gypsum on a fantastic level of
paint at the highest level
doors of bin Laden’s factory for wood veneer with imported high-level locks Eart and Frame Zhan entrance to the room and bathrooms very upscale hands
health kits Mastura and chairs Ideal Astendrd and mixers buried very luxurious and instant heaters
bathroom walls was the work of all the walls and floor of the bathrooms of the Spanish Ceramic toast the first consistent color
lanes floors Marble slabs outsize 120 × 120 cm and Granite
 interfaces  The main interface GRC glass Astrkosher and the rest of the interfaces GRC and Jrafiato
entrances marble slabs cut and a variety of graphics Format 120 × 120 cm and Onyx and Brazilian Bahia Mocuba and 3D
water tank Bmstah 1027 meters flat accommodate about 175 large water Post
electricity system There are three large plants in 1500 +1000 +1000 with three large panels Mitsubishi
 safety systems cameras all of which are available from the pump and generator backup and suction fans and fire doors and sprinklers and fire extinguishers boxes and predatory glass and alarm and emergency lights and speaker system and other – Cameras were installed in the entire system of the hotel and the entire control system

– speaker system was installed in all the rooms and the roles

– Internet system was installed in the entire hotel