Project Awali Palace
project Awali Palace
Project Description
5000 meters width of 50 meters and a length of 100 meters The total area
Awali General Road leading to Taif away from the campus 10 minutes by car Location
First: the role of the basement.

(Kitchen + washing rooms + refrigerators, central accommodation)

Second: Ground Floor.

Men Area Council 165+ food business with an area of 125 + Lobby men between the Council of men and male diet is 95 m + Council of Arab Area 60+ Women’s Council Area 135 + dining women Area + dining women with an area 100 meters + Lobby women + bedroom suite guests Area 88 m + kitchen Area 71 m + bathrooms and washbasins men + women’s bathrooms and washbasins

Third: the first round.

4 bedroom suites each component suite bed rooms + dressing room + Salon + bathroom alliteration major-bedroom with an area of 230 meters consisting of: (master bedroom + sleep supplement + dressing room + a main bathroom + Salon + bed room + bathroom and Offs special Balsalon + a family council Area 90 m + kitchen and bathroom sinks to the Council and household food.

project details
1 Mitsubishi Elevator Number of lifts
Fully palace Bishop Gypsum wonderful designs

Fully palace Central Air Conditioning Type Carrier. Interfaces and a large stone importer Porcelain flooring with a thickness of 2 cm size 120 * 180 with great graphics designs wonderful.

Gypsum walls, the work of multiple columns and frames, belts and braces and niches

Pools by men, women and sleep Koehler and wonderful of value and the rest of the bathrooms Ideal Ostendr imported.

Paints imported at the highest level.

Most of the imported materials palace and values

The doors of bin Laden price per square meter in 2100 Real There palace full network audio + fire warning network.

There is a main stairway columns and golden Kuwaiti golden + service stairway up to surfaces

There palace Mitsubishi Elevator special golden designed to serve the three roles + elevator for food served kitchen in the three roles

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