Aziziyah 4
Aziziyah 4
Project Description
Land area 2316 square meters _ flats buildings 12,000 meters flat The total area
Aziziyah Street _ Ben Dehaish street behind Aryam complex on 12 Street Location
 (6 innings and overnight stays) Basement + Ground +4 positions habitable + half the role of overnight stays was the work of foundations to bear Bhh 9 innings project details
183 rooms The number of rooms
1071 pilgrims The number of pilgrims
4 lifts Number of lifts
All bishop of rooms and bathrooms and roads Gypsum flooring porcelain

Split air conditioners, all entrance and center

Paints: a white room with beige

The doors of bin Laden’s factory for wood crust with imported high-level locks Eart

Crews Health: imported Ideal Astandr and Alhorat buried Astendr very luxurious and heaters Faure Turkey.

Lanes flooring: Reception Ground Toronto Marble and Granite Buffy roles have been the work of the walls of the corridors on both sides and along the corridors and columns were painted gypsum Banohat luxurious colors and very luxurious

Interfaces: Forums Home and some interfaces generous side Marble Galaxy and Verona Italian Astrkosher with glass facades and the rest of hypertext

Entrances: Marble Toronto and graphics NES

Water tank: flat 720 meters flat accommodate about 140 large water replies

Electricity system: There are 2 station of each station in 1000 KV A.

Safety systems are available and all reserve generator and fans that suction and fire doors and sprinklers and fire extinguishers boxes and predatory glass and an alarm bell and emergency lights and speaker system and other  

Project Details
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